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Business, Company and Corporate Christmas Ideas

Christmas Marketing Ideas for all

Christmas and the New Year are an opportune time to build on customer, supplier and employee relations. Each year businesses seek fresh Christmas marketing ideas for company Christmas cards, Christmas party invitations, Corporate Christmas calendars and company Christmas gift ideas. Make this year no exception and ring in the changes with eye-catching and innovative company Christmas greetings from Whitney Woods.

Corporate Christmas card ideas that stand out from the crowd

Festive holiday greetings cards are pleasant and friendly Christmas marketing products. Sending corporate holiday cards an ideal opportunity to thank your customers and suppliers for past business and maintain good relationships for future business. We have a wide range of corporate Christmas card ideas that will really capture attention and make an impression. customized Christmas cards show your contacts that you care about attention to every detail. Automatic 3D Pop ups and Interactive Pop up Cards are a great way of sending your Season’s greetings.

Attention-grabbing corporate Christmas gift ideas

The Pop up DM Products and Pop up cards come in a variety of shapes and actions offering so much choice in corporate Christmas gift ideas that it is easy to select the perfect one for your Christmas marketing campaign. Fun folds and changing pictures are clever ideas if you’re looking for inspirational Christmas party invitation ideas.




Inspirational Company Christmas Gift Ideas

Inspirational Company Christmas Gifts

In years gone by company Christmas gifts often followed a predictable path - a company pen, a hamper, a bottle of liquor or a box of chocolates. However, in recent years there has been a significant rise in popularity of Christmas gift cards and bottles of Christmas wine as the corporate Christmas gift ideas of choice. We have a range of products to enhance these rewarding gifting experiences.

Corporate Christmas gifts - Add Prestige to Christmas Gift Cards

To give a cash gift is considered inappropriate, but corporate Christmas gifts of vouchers or a gift card is perfectly acceptable. Presenting your company Christmas gift card in a prestigious quality card holder will ensure that your customer feels something of importance is being presented, and the card holder will be retained as a reminder of your goodwill and treated like a business card for future reference. We have a selection of innovative styles that will generate interest and add kudos to your Christmas gift cards, vouchers or gift certificates.

Add the Festive Spirit to Corporate Christmas Gifts of Wine

Wine drinking has increased at a quite phenomenal rate in the last decade and it is now the gift of choice when it comes to company Christmas gifts. It is a versatile gift appreciated by most people. Our extensive choice of Christmas bottle collars and bottle bows are the perfect way for your company to personalize the bottles.




Business Christmas Ideas for Parties and Events

Business Christmas Mailers - Ideas for Parties and Events

The debate and planning that goes into the Christmas office party, the works “do” or a corporate event for Christmas and New Year celebrations is immense. Should it be an informal affair? A formal dinner? Do you hire a hall? Do you invite your customers? Do you invite suppliers? Should it be a themed party? Once all decisions about venue and format are made you need a party invitation that is eye-catching and will achieve good response rates, our Christmas mailers are just the ticket. Just like every other form of communication, your corporate Christmas invitation is a piece of Christmas Marketing. A clever invitation can be also be really effective for staff morale and is yet another opportunity to impress your customers. And how about this unique Christmas idea for an event invitation – a face mask? A mask of the boss, the company mascot, Santa Claus or whatever you fancy - the impact is quite surprising and a whole lot of fun!

Corporate Xmas gifts – Calendars and Desk Top Accessories

Nothing new about these corporate xmas gifts – corporate calendars are a great way of leaving a lasting reminder with your customer. The trick is to make your business calendars stand out so they stay on your customer’s desk for a long time. A pop-up desk calendar really is a brilliant business communication product! These promotional ideas capture your customer’s attention and the fact that your company Christmas ideas can hold pens as well as displaying dates gives the product double-functionality.

Not just Christmas Mailers – Year round Direct Mail Ideas

Just like pets all marketing ideas here are not just for business gifts for the festive period. The automatic pop ups and interactive mailers have a role to play for all your marketing requirements - all year round. Take a look at our promotional products gallery.


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"One of the critical success factors of Ryder Cup 2010 was the special warmth of the Welsh welcome. The Foldilocks product helped us reinforce key positive messages about Wales so that the home 'team' could win on and off the course."

Peter Cole
Regional Strategy Director

"We recently designed our Christmas card around the innovative Snowflake pop-up created by Whitney Woods and we are very impressed. They delivered a final product that was faultless and on time at an extremely busy period of the year, whilst maintaining good communication and professional customer care. Highly recommended!"

Aaron Butler
Creative Director
AAMp Creative

“We were absolutely delighted with the customer reaction to the Cinderella designed ’Jumpinjax’. They fulfilled all of the criteria of an excellent direct marketing tool - attention-grabbing and a fun way of conveying a very clear selling message that wouldn't just simply end up in the bin. It's major appeal was that we were confident that recipients would show the item to friends or work colleagues which immediately multiplied the number of people seeing the information about our show. The Box Office went crazy after the mailing and it increased our sales by 20% on the previous year.”

Tracey Shaw
Head of Sales & Marketing
Theatre Royal , Brighton