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“I knew the products were good but I never knew how good the service was until we placed our first order – clients have been delighted with the mix of Silver Bullet designs on Whitney Woods pop ups to produce highly effective mailers which leave a positive and lasting impression.”

John Dias Managing Director
Silver Bullet Marketing Ltd
Newcastle upon Tyne

"We asked Whitney Woods to make us a "pop up" to promote our up-coming exhibitions. The result was exceptional and we are still reaping the benefits. Even now, two months after they were sent out, I often see the pop ups on the desks and tills of our customers!"

Richard Marks
Spike Leisurewear

About Us

Whitney Woods pop-up manufacturers in Rossendale Whitney Woods factory and offices in Lancashire

About us – We make pop-up Christmas pop-ups!

There, is that enough or do you want to know more? Well, we have been doing it for a long time and we have made an awful lot of them!

Christmas Marketing is the name of the Whitney Woods website that focuses on all things pertaining to Christmas marketing opportunities. That includes company Christmas cards, gift cards, party invitations and Christmas novelties as well as seasonal promotional campaigns. The dedicated Christmas site was built in 2007 but we had been online with Christmas pages on other pop-up sites for many years.

Handmade products shipped around the world

The company of Whitney Woods was actually founded in 1992 and we have been involved with handmade marketing products since our inception. We are regarded as the UK’s leading specialist manufacturer of pop-up and interactive marketing products. We are also well-known in Europe and in the USA having built a very healthy export trade since joining the international market in April 2009. We sell to marketing professionals around the world with many of our customers being advertising, marketing or promotions agencies.

All goods are made locally in the heart of Lancashire

All of our goods are produced right here in the heart of Lancashire from design to print, from die-cutting to hand assembly and finally on to the direct mailing division. As you can see, we offer a full and comprehensive service covering every aspect of your job. Almost everyone involved in the operation at Whitney Woods hails from the Rossendale Valley which historically was dependent on the Lancashire industrial revolution industries of cotton and slippers. Since the demise of those industries, new opportunities have been developed and our business is no exception. Given the history of the Valley it is perhaps not surprising that our workers seem to have a natural aptitude for jobs requiring a high degree of manual dexterity and we are fortunate to have such a gifted workforce.

Good service, good products, delivered on time and in good condition

We are a down-to earth company with proper values. We expect you to pay a fair price for your job and we aim to give you exactly what we would want in return. We pay good attention to every detail of your job, we give good service, a good product, delivered on time and in good condition.