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“I knew the products were good but I never knew how good the service was until we placed our first order – clients have been delighted with the mix of Silver Bullet designs on Whitney Woods pop ups to produce highly effective mailers which leave a positive and lasting impression.”

John Dias Managing Director
Silver Bullet Marketing Ltd
Newcastle upon Tyne

"We asked Whitney Woods to make us a "pop up" to promote our up-coming exhibitions. The result was exceptional and we are still reaping the benefits. Even now, two months after they were sent out, I often see the pop ups on the desks and tills of our customers!"

Richard Marks
Spike Leisurewear

Promotional Business Calendars are always popular at Christmas

Business calendars are always a popular choice as a Christmas promotion and have the obvious benefit of being kept on your customer's desk for the next 12 months. But how many of your competitors will have gone down the same path? You need to think hard about how to make your Christmas business calendar stand out above the others. So how do you achieve that goal that without spending an absolute fortune on a super-duper de-luxe wall calendar from an expensive Christmas gift catalogue? We might just hold the key...

Company Calendars / Pen Holders give added value to Christmas Promotions

Every time your customer wants to know the date you hope that they will look at your company calendar. How important would it be to your Christmas marketing effort if that interaction could be doubled? How about trebled? More? Well, that could be achieved in a fairly easy manoeuvre if you were to choose to print your company calendar on one of our pop-up Christmas pen pots! There are seven options which lend themselves perfectly well to that double use. Six of our company calendar pen holders also have the terrific benefit of having the instant impact of being pop-up products, including the pop-up cube, pop-up cuboid and our power pen pal. The seventh pen pot has an interactive push-up action so they are all perfectly suited to being chosen for your direct marketing campaign this Christmas.

Automatic Pop up Action Business Calendars will be noticed in the Christmas post!

It could be that you are looking for a business calendar that offers "something different"; a promotional Christmas product that your customer hasn't seen before. In that case you could go for a pop up business calendar which not only offers the instant impact of the pop up action such as our pop-up castle shaped calendar or you might want a product which has the added appeal of being a somewhat unusual shape for a desk calendar - the pop-up house and the pop-up Pyramid for example.

Looking for Corporate gift ideas? How about a Bespoke Promotional Calendar?

Whilst all of our products carry bespoke print you may be looking for a corporate gift idea with a totally unique appearance to give your Christmas promotion a special appeal. To help you achieve this goal we can add custom touches to many products or we can advise on how to achieve your very own look by designing a totally bespoke Christmas calendar.

How about Christmas Pop Up Pen Holders as a Corporate Gift Idea

The great thing about our pen holders is that they are absolutely perfect for direct mail. They have all been purposely designed in order to be sent by post. "So what's so special about that?" you might ask - "Anything can be sent by post". Yes, but a plastic pen pot can't lie flat to be put in an envelope. A plastic pen holder doesn't jump up into your customer's hand when he opens the mailer. And a plastic desk tidy probably doesn't lend itself to 100% all over cover in your own bespoke custom printing!

Ours do all of that. And they don't cost the earth to send. They could be just the corporate gift idea that you are looking for.