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Christmas Marketing
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“I knew the products were good but I never knew how good the service was until we placed our first order – clients have been delighted with the mix of Silver Bullet designs on Whitney Woods pop ups to produce highly effective mailers which leave a positive and lasting impression.”

John Dias Managing Director
Silver Bullet Marketing Ltd
Newcastle upon Tyne

"We asked Whitney Woods to make us a "pop up" to promote our up-coming exhibitions. The result was exceptional and we are still reaping the benefits. Even now, two months after they were sent out, I often see the pop ups on the desks and tills of our customers!"

Richard Marks
Spike Leisurewear

Products for Christmas Marketing, Christmas Advertising and Christmas Promotions

Our whole website is full of products for Christmas promotions of one kind or another but whilst suggestions abound for corporate Christmas cards, Christmas party invitations, calendars and Christmas gift cards ideas here we talk about Christmas marketing, Christmas advertising and promotional products in general. These are ideas for promotions that are timed to coincide with Christmas and New Year marketing opportunities.

Christmas Marketing Products with attention grabbing attributes

As with every other time of year, customer interaction is the key to Christmas marketing success but the interaction has to be attention grabbing to work at its very best. Some of our Christmas marketing products have a very high visual appeal and produce a high level of customer interaction. Take the flicker card as an example. It looks simple and neat at first glance but when your customer opens the cover and pulls the tab, what a display! Pulling and pushing the tab causes pages to flick over in rapid succession creating a brilliant effect and showing Christmas marketing products at their best.

Another example of a Christmas marketing product with eye catching qualities is a simpler item but one that still cannot fail to impress. The extender card comes in its own custom printed mailer and expands to approx 3 times its original size with a simple yet oft repeated action. Whilst the Extender Card has year-round appeal it would have been a serious omission had we failed to include it in our section on Christmas marketing products.

Christmas Promotional Products generating Customer Interaction

There are many ways to generate customer interaction and there are a couple of Christmas promotional products that are as different as chalk and cheese but they are both very popular choices for Christmas promotions for one reason - they create customer interaction. One has a smooth, sophisticated and stylish action and the other one comes with dynamic action that will cause equal amounts of surprise and hilarity.

The Push'n'Pull is the Christmas promotional product with the smooth action. Pull a tab at one end and a reciprocal action reveals a card coming from the opposite end at the same time. Push the card back in and they both disappear. The Push'n'Pull also has a generous print area which makes it ideal for Christmas promotional use. However, if you want to create a fuss with your Christmas promotion then few products will have greater effect than the dynamic Springbox. This compact box is begging to be opened but your customer has no idea what is in store. Four rubber band powered cubes jump out to cause great fun and surprise. Both are great ideas for promotional use at Christmas.

Some Christmas Promotions are to pass on information

Not all Christmas marketing products are designed to recreate the big bang - some had other styles of Christmas promotion in mind. What about a simple table talker for example. This popular table-top item is always popular as a way to promote Christmas specials in a restaurant as an addition to details on the main Christmas menu.

Other types of Christmas promotions might be to give details of late opening nights or special offers for Christmas. Information such as this is ideal for pocket-sized products such as the Foldilocks and the Little Big Card but we are also happy to suggest the use of a swatch card in such an instance.

Pocket sized Products are great for Christmas Advertising

The month of December is often the busiest in the year's events calendar and so if you are holding an event or are have a stand at an exhibition you will be facing some serious competition for your customer's attention. For this reason alone, you need to make sure that your Christmas advertising for such events stands out and makes a bold statement. This is true right down to the last detail. Every piece of Christmas advertising needs to be given thorough consideration. Let's take something as simple as the agenda. Details of who's on, what's on, where it's on and when it's on are vitally important so don't simply issue an A5 flyer. Our Little Big card is the ideal candidate for this type of Christmas marketing. Its record of being retained by the recipient is excellent.

Opting for our Foldilocks card as a pocket sized calendar of events is a similarly wise move and will prove to be the perfect choice for Christmas event advertising.

All products are suitable for Christmas Marketing, Advertising and Promotional use

Just because we suggest that a pop-up cube might make a brilliant Christmas greeting doesn't mean that it wouldn't make a successful Christmas marketing product. Quite the contrary; all of our products have proved their worth time and time again and their versatility as advertising, marketing and promotional products for Christmas is without question.