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Corporate Christmas Invitations
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“I knew the products were good but I never knew how good the service was until we placed our first order – clients have been delighted with the mix of Silver Bullet designs on Whitney Woods pop ups to produce highly effective mailers which leave a positive and lasting impression.”

John Dias Managing Director
Silver Bullet Marketing Ltd
Newcastle upon Tyne

"We asked Whitney Woods to make us a "pop up" to promote our up-coming exhibitions. The result was exceptional and we are still reaping the benefits. Even now, two months after they were sent out, I often see the pop ups on the desks and tills of our customers!"

Richard Marks
Spike Leisurewear

Corporate Christmas invitations to Christmas Parties and Christmas Events

Christmas and New Year is the busiest time of year for company parties, dinners and celebrations and December is the busiest month of the year for events, exhibitions, concerts and shows. With all these events going on there is always a big increase in sales of our interactive pop-ups for use as corporate Christmas invitations, Christmas event invitations and company Christmas party invites.

When there is so much competition for your attention it makes sense to make your corporate Christmas invitation stand out above the rest. Let's take a quick look at some of the suggestions to make your company's Christmas invitations bring in the guests.

Dissolvers make a great Invitation to a New Year's Event

Here's a good idea for a New Year's event invitation - it's a product that we call a dissolver that has a changing picture on the front. The thing that makes it so good as a New Year party invitation is that you can show one year dissolving into the next - 2010 changing to 2011, for example. There are two styles available. The picture dissolver is a single sleeve item where the picture changes when you pull a tab, whilst the other is a 4-page product where the picture changes when you open the cover. You can obviously fit more info on the cover operated version which gives you more room on you corporate party invitations for details of the New Year's event.

High Levels of Interaction make great Company Christmas Invitations

Customer interaction is the key to a successful B2B mailer and that same level of interaction is just as important to the success of a company Christmas invitation. We have two suggestions in particular which are really hard to put down. The Interloop Mailer makes a great corporate event invitation as it has a really high level of interaction. It is an intriguing product that seems to keep turning inside out forever. Your guests are bound to take notice of the Interloop as a company Christmas invitation.

A totally different item but one which simply cannot be ignored is the Jumpinjax. Totally in keeping with a lively event like a company Christmas party, the Jumpinjax brings surprise, fun and laughter to the gig. With high initial impact and lasting effect, both products are not only perfect as company Christmas invitations, it is also quite likely that your guests will keep hold of them long after that party season is over.

Corporate Christmas Invitations with a touch of Sophistication

A corporate Christmas dinner, an awards ceremony and a corporate Christmas concert are all examples of the type of Christmas event that might be best served by an invitation with a touch of sophistication and the ideal product is a starburst. Over the years we have seen some really excellent corporate dinner invitations. Silk laminated covers coupled with a spot UV varnish have produced some quite startling results that complement the unique folding mechanism of the starburst product - a perfect combination for corporate Christmas invitations.

Should you wish to set the mood for a joyous then you might consider a shaped cover to add a playful element to your corporate Christmas invitation.

Company Christmas Invitations to go with a Bang

We have one product that could help your Christmas event go with a bang and that is our Sideshooter product. A good graphic artist will make the Sideshooter into a very attractive Christmas cracker which makes a fabulous and very dynamic company Christmas invitation.

There is also a smaller version of the Sideshooter which will make a smashing Christmas invitation in its own right. Both versions definitely bring the elements of fun and surprise which are vital if you want your company Christmas invitation to see off the competition!