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Christmas Novelties
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“I knew the products were good but I never knew how good the service was until we placed our first order – clients have been delighted with the mix of Silver Bullet designs on Whitney Woods pop ups to produce highly effective mailers which leave a positive and lasting impression.”

John Dias Managing Director
Silver Bullet Marketing Ltd
Newcastle upon Tyne

"We asked Whitney Woods to make us a "pop up" to promote our up-coming exhibitions. The result was exceptional and we are still reaping the benefits. Even now, two months after they were sent out, I often see the pop ups on the desks and tills of our customers!"

Richard Marks
Spike Leisurewear

Corporate Christmas Party Ideas - Christmas Novelties

Whilst we are not in a position to give you ideas on where and when you might hold your corporate Christmas party, we can suggest one or two items that might help your party to be a success. We have a small selection of Christmas novelties that might spark off one or two ideas - maybe as a Christmas party gift idea, an idea for a party invitation or an idea that might help with the theme of the party.

Corporate Gift Ideas - an Expanding Gift Box

Whatever you choose as a corporate Christmas gift or party gift, make sure that the recipient will remember the occasion. The gift might not be anything more than a token gesture but the gift box can be something really special. I'm talking about our expanding gift box. It's a terrific choice as a corporate gift idea as it is really unusual and will stay in the recipient's memory for a long time. It comes in a chunky pack which makes it feel like a substantial gift but it is actually quite compact at approx 205 x 97 x 24mm. However, it expands to 720mm when it is opened fully. The design is really funky and it can make an ordinary Christmas gift into a memorable one just by using this highly creative packaging.

Face Masks might generate Corporate Christmas Party Ideas

When it comes to ideas for corporate Christmas parties there will be some outrageous suggestions bandied around the office, most of which will be unrealistic and expensive. However, at a very modest cost, you can set the scene using a really simple idea - face masks. Our custom designed face masks can be just about anything at all - the boss, Santa, a Snowman, a celebrity, a footballer, a WAG - whatever you want. The sight of everyone looking like the boss is wacky, somewhat unnerving and funny all at the same time but it doesn't cost a fortune and, unlike with fancy dress, you don't have to walk around feeling a prat all night!

Corporate Christmas Gift Ideas - How about start saving now?

We weren't sure about this one but the more we thought about it, the more we thought that it was an inventive idea for corporate Christmas gifts. It's a pop-up money box. One idea would be to use it as a fun greeting for New Year. Everyone in the office should reveal their New Year's resolution and every time they break it they should put a fine in the box. Another idea would be to start saving now by sending out swear boxes or collection boxes printed with the message Christmas party fund, booze fund or any other fun message.

A Custom Party Invitation might be a good idea for a Corporate Christmas Party

If your corporate Christmas party is to have a theme then you could set the ball rolling by sending out custom party invites in the themed style. Let's say that everyone has to come as one of Santa's elves. Your custom party invite could feature a pop-up elf on the centrefold. The idea for the pop-up should be kept fairly simple so as to keep costs affordable but a very effective pop-up action can be achieved without re-writing the origami rulebooks!